Full Circle EP

by Arthur Alligood

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released April 15, 2009

Produced and Engineered by Ryan Kyzar.
Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Osenga.


all rights reserved



Arthur Alligood Springfield, Tennessee

Songwriter/Singer from Middle Tennessee.

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Track Name: Hold On
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel
There’s a break from the rain
There’s some good behind this trouble
There’s a reason for the pain

There’s a smile that comes in the morning
There’s a peace that comes to stay
There’s a hope for the hopeless and
for the faithless there is faith

So, hold on you are not forgotten
Hold on love is on the way
Hold on

There’s a healing hand in the shadows
There’s coming a resurrection day
There is justice for the broken and for the sinner
there is grace

You’re not too far away
You’re not too far away
He’s heard every prayer that you’ve prayed
Track Name: Keep Your Head Up
Keep your head up
I will keep your head up
Hold your hopes high
I will hold your hopes high
Stop your fighting
I will do your fighting
And your grappling
I am closer than your next breath

I’ve never seen you not in a thousand parts
You keep breaking...Oh
Tell me something you need ‘sides my heart
It keeps breaking...Oh

Keep the pace up
I will keep the pace up
Break the walls down
I will break the walls down
Stop your crying
let me do the crying
How truth it rolls down
sweet and soft from a friend!
Track Name: Miles From Your Mind
You don’t,
you don’t have to find me I will find you in time
when I’m miles from your mind
There’s no,
there’s no way to find me
you have got a broken sense of direction
you’ve missed it all

I know,
I know where you went to
that old tree you hid behind
tried your best to stay quiet
My call,
still echoes in your heart’s hall
though every single thought of me
you’ve erased with a lie you bought

Your that,
your that lost one
leaving it all behind and I am running to you
There’s no,
there’s no way to find me
I am never found, but find
and in time you’ll be mine...
When I’m miles from your mind
Track Name: My First One
I don’t have the words anymore
I don’t have the phrases that’ll make you move
All the times before like a fool
I had a deal I was trying to sell you on
This maybe my first one
My first cry for help
Its been under mounds of dust up on my shelf

I’m tired of posing as your son
I’m tired of thinking its all in the bag
I know you see straight down into my heart
of all the roles I play you know my truest one is
Me behind closed doors
Behind all the lies I front
Symbols of who I’d be without your love

I don’t have the tears, so will you weep for me?
You don’t have my fears, so will you fight for me?
I don’t have a prayer please pray for me
Track Name: Long Haul
You take notice and I ain’t worth a glance
Know my needs and provide for them
A cup of wrath I deserve on my head
but a cup of grace you pour instead
You can do no wrong it seems I never do right
You’re in it for the long haul mostly
I’m just looking for one night

You’re the reason we’re friends at all
Why I stopped fighting, laid down my sword
Without your love oh, I’m lost
You see me in the distance
come running just to wrap me
in your arms

A cup of wrath I deserve on my head
but an ocean of grace you pour instead
Track Name: Trying to Find Me
I used to hope in Friday from Monday’s desert sand
Like a slave caught in Egypt longing for a better land
The weekend was my water, just the thought of being free
from my every inclination to be everyone, but me

I started wearing t-shirts I got from Goodwill
on that long, back stretch of my senior year
I was new wine they were my new wineskins
but looking back I see I still had yet to ferment

Pushing through every door, turning corners
trying to find me
Leaving home, leaving all on my shoulders
at my feet

Was it a fire or an ocean that was raging down deep?
Its hard to say...to put into words for a song that I can sing
I tossed my cap and the next day I was driving in my car
to North Carolina, to my summer job

They said I had the worst group and at first I agreed
Till days became weeks and my eyes began to see
These were boys not men and all they wanted was love
and I was just like them in need of a hug

Passing on never slowing are those tiny grains of sand
I can turn the glass over, but never stop the second hand
Moments turn to memories and memories fade, too fast, but some they stick around till you breathe
your last

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