by Arthur Alligood

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released April 1, 2005

Produced by Ben Pasley
Engineered by Ryan Kyzar


all rights reserved



Arthur Alligood Springfield, Tennessee

Songwriter/Singer from Middle Tennessee.

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Track Name: School Song
10 A.M., pulling into my spot
Grab my county schools I.D.
Make sure the doors are locked
head for those concrete squares
its like crossing a stream in the Smokies

Make it to the other side
and come to the door
I can hear the kids saying, “Mr. Arthur’s here!!”

Life it lays its hand on our shoulders
in the most unlikely times
When we feel we’re almost dead
he whispers, “You’re still alive.”

On the these “off days” I learn
a lot about myself and a lot about them
‘cause kids can throw punches to your patience more than often
But the “glory moments” they make it worth while,
the angels come and visit
And sing the “Hallelujah Chorus”
I can hear them in my brain right now

Sometimes it takes the ones
who don’t know what life is
to show you what life is....all about
Life...Oh beautiful life
Track Name: Night Owls
All the things they do
underneath the stars
the routine they have formed
has made them who they are
working all day long
just for the chance
to live at night

When the sun goes down
and its getting pretty late
They all hop in their cars
and head to their favorite place
Where life begins for them
all their troubles are a mile away

We're lying to ourselves
if we ever think
worship only happens beneath church walls
We're all bowing down to something can't you see?
There's a service going on as I sing

When the sun comes back up
They all hop back in their cars
and head to the places that fund this life
and struggle all day long just to keep their eyes open
all the while longing for the night
Track Name: Living Martyrs
Have you seen them? If you look you will find
There all around you, Oh the martyrs of our time
They’re not hard to spot...there’s freedom written on their faces
and their joy....their joy rarely ceases

They lost their lives, but their hearts never missed a beat
They lost themselves when they left everything
with their crosses on their shoulders and that hope in their hearts
to follow a carpenter

They’re constantly redefining, casting down tradition
They know what it means to be, to be a Christian
‘Cause there’s a battle that happens everyday
The only way to fight is to die and get out of the way

You won’t find it till you lose it,
until you lose your life in him
Track Name: Coming Home
You were right in what you said
as we were driving back through
your small hometown
There’s really no feeling like coming home
after being gone for a while

If we feel this way now imagine how we’ll feel
when we take our final rest
If we feel this way now imagine what we’ll say
when we reach those pearly gates

I get homesick sometimes
and I’ve never really seen my home
Its understood on this earth that where
you lay your head is where your home is
, but I’ve come to disagree

Our home is beyond the blue skies
can’t see it with your eyes, but I know its there
Dad, he’s been building us our homes
with driveways paved with gold

Its so assuring to know
that we’ll be together someday
Its so assuring to know, if not on this earth
in a far off higher place
Track Name: Fellas
Fellas, I claim this territory for you
let this land of song bring you honor
I know you won’t take the praise
it will bounce right off of you
and head straight to the Father
Oh, what a Father he has been to us all

Freedom sing some BGV’s
we all know well your distinct melodies
Its been a while since we’ve practiced
,but we’ll always be a 5-piece band

Singing for Dad, but we play our parts now separately
We’re brothers of blood and we’re covered from our
head down to our feet

This moments for you
the song, the chords, and the tears that it brings
I hope it makes you smile
I hope it makes you rise up and sing
Time may seem to separate us
but remember boys nothing can
We call upon the same high priest
and we’ll always be a 5-piece band

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